How To Change Desktop Icon Text Colour in Mint 15 XFCE

Just installed Mint 15 XFCE (very nice linux distro) however the desktop icon text can be hard to read on dark backgrounds. To change the desktop icon text do the following: cd /home/<youruser>/ nano .gtkrc-xfce change the below settings to whatever hex colour codes you want: fg[NORMAL] = "#FFFFFF" fg[SELECTED] = "#FFFFFF" fg[ACTIVE] = "#FFFFFF" … Read more

Keeping processes running even if you close putty/terminal

Ever have that problem where you’re running a large database mysql database dump through putty, and the connection to the server is somehow lost? I recently encountered this fairly unlikely situation occur and the below commands solve it. Command nohup command & Runs the process in the background and allows you continue using your ssh … Read more