How to quickly install WordPress via shell

This guide will show you how to install WordPress to your linux server with a single SSH input. Point your domains dns at your webspace (if it isn’t already). Create your wordpress MySQL database in your hosting control panel noting down username, password and database name in your text editor of choice. SSH to your … Read more

How to install Postman Debian Linux

I’ve been meaning to try out Postman for a while now to learn more about API’s and how they work. Anyway, I finally got round to doing this thanks to the current lock-down situation. Initially I tried to install it using snap as follows: Snap Install Install snap Install postman via snap This however resulted … Read more

Sublime Text Installation, Debian with Plank

This is a guide showing how to install Sublime Text from the Sublime debian repo and then what to do to ensure you can pin it to Plank dock (could well be required for other docks like Docky too). Install sublime from the repo (sublimes docs on install I’m running a minimal system to … Read more

Fixing Intel Graphics Glitching (Docky/Plank/Tint2) in Openbox on Samsung Ativ Book 8

I had a fairly subtle glitching issue on my Samsung Ativ Book 8 running Openbox on Debian Jessie. Basically icons in Docky/Plank had a orange box outline and Tint2 icons also looked unsmooth. In order to fix I did the following: cd /etc/X11/xorg.conf.d/ sudo nano 20-intel.conf Then put the following in the file: Section "Device" … Read more